What’s the magic made it so popular? Interpretation of the Advantages of UCN OGS Touch Panel

At the Finetech Japan 2017, UCN OGS touch panel loved by many industry integrators of all ages, especially the large size series. In fact, as of now the introduction of OTS OOP touch panel has been about six months, but the market heat unabated, continued warming, from the integrators of the real feedback and large quantities of orders is so popular it is the most favorable proof.

The UCN OGS touch panel offers 32-inch to 86-inch 9-size conventional specifications, as well as customized services, which is consistent with the growing demand for medium-sized touch-smart terminals on the market.

Advantages one: break through the limitations of traditional capacitance technology

UCN  OGS touch panel and nano-touch film the same principle, are accurate through the electrostatic induction sensor finger touch, are improved projection capacitive touch technology. Using independent research and development of the SCA automatic vacuum thermal bonding technology, a new generation of nano-touch film (the tenth generation of nano-touch film) directly attached to the tempered glass, To achieve a glass at the same time with a protective layer and touch the dual role of the sensor.

It not only has the traditional capacitive screen pure and beautiful features, but also in large size, thin and flexible, waterproof and dustproof, touch points, touch accuracy and other aspects of innovation and breakthrough. In technology, the current single-chip can achieve the largest 180-inch, single-chip support up to 100 touch, splicing unlimited points.

Advantages two: terminal integration convenience

In short, the UCN -OGS touch panel for the integrator to reduce a process to avoid the production space is not up to standard or lack of bonding technology caused by product loss, to solve the paste, calibration and other technical problems, so that integrators Can be accurate and efficient integration of various types of intelligent terminals and applications.

Advantages three: the application of a wide range of industries

In size, OGS touch panel covers the large size of the mainstream market demand, the surface glass can be customized according to customer needs, ordinary / ultra white wave / AR / AG glass can also be selected on the basis of special nano-glass, choose multiple, To meet the wisdom of education, catering, retail and other industries needs.

Advantage of four: technological innovation to bring more profit margins
Traditional capacitive screen is generally concentrated in the small size, due to their own technical limitations and capacity constraints, so that the high size of the high degree of difficulty, more importantly, expensive, difficult to popularize the application. To the traditional capacitance of the Surface Hub, for example, 54 inches, priced at up to 6999 US dollars (equivalent to about 50,000 yuan), LCD and host part of the cost of more transparent, the brand is not so different, so high cost Focus on the touch screen.

UCN  as early as 2016 has been completed and put into production industry automation production line nearly ten thousand million, nano-touch film annual output exceeded 1 million, all using automated production line operations, Nissan OGS touch panel more than 300, technological innovation brought good The rate of improvement, compared to the traditional capacitive screen compared to the cost of a substantial decline in the majority of intelligent hardware integrators to leave more profit margins.

Advantage five: a number of authoritative certification

UCN is the inventor of the nano-touch film, the company has a global PCT patent, so the integrated nano-touch film OGS touch panel also enjoy the qualification, but also access to the CE certification, FCC certification, RoHS certification, CCC certification , ISO and other international certification, with exports to the United States, the European Union, exported to overseas qualifications.

Looking to the future

At present, UCN -OGS touch panel standard support 10-point touch, can be upgraded to 20 points, to meet the vast majority of business meetings, teaching, home entertainment terminal touch equipment production needs. Is the industry recognized the lowest cost, the longest life, touch stability, one of the best technology, will become the mainstream of the future touch technology.

For more information, please visit the general websitehttp://www.ucnano.com/en


UCN | On behalf of the original, brings a lot of benefits in Toyko for indusry

It seemed very special for Tokyo in April that it not only had the yearly “Sakura Festival” in this beautiful season, but also attracted the world's leading touch technology. Vendors from all over the world gathered in Tokyo with their latest technologies and products, and brought an amazing professional show of global touch panel industry. 

As a leading company of nano-touch industry, UCN also took this chance to participate in the exhibition together with overseas sales team and R&D team, leading by their CEO.

Obvious UCN logo and careful preparation in everywhere

Booth was full of visitors, our professional team was also explaining carefully and patiently in details
The authoritative media in Japan also came to UCN booth for interview
There were highlights everywhere in UCN booth. All various kinds of products leading by Nano touch technology brought very special experience for Tokyo and global visitors here!

Global Invention Patents - Nano Touch Foil
 Nano Touch Foil
At the exhibition, visitors could see transparent films; they are just UCN’s core patented technology --- Nano Touch Foil. This IPCT technology not only has all advantages of traditional capacitive screen, it also makes a revolutionary breakthrough on large size, thinness, flexibility, and water resistance. As a core component, it can be made into intelligence terminal, which has very good performance on many aspects such as environmental tolerance and appearance.
Highly precise curved touch on large size

Highly precise curved touch on large size

UCN not only has the patent of this technology, it also has many international certifications such as CE, FCC, RoHS, CCC, ISO and so on. UCN holds the export qualification to the United States, the European Union and all other overseas countries. Every year, we invest a big amount of capital onR&D to support the core technological upgrading, so it can keep as a lead with strong market competition in the industry.

OGS touch panel, it makes integration much easier
OGS touch panel
In order to support the global growing demand for intelligence terminals, and to help integrators to use this new human-machine interaction technology of nano-touch, UCN launches OGS touch panel, on the base of its Touch Foil, which is not just one glass, but also has both functions on protection and touch sensor. It highly meets the marketing demands of both thinness and safety on large & middle size touch products.
OGS touch panel
Regarding to cost, OGS touch panel only accounts for 1/3 of traditional capacitive screen. Generally speaking, OGS touch panel reduces one process for the integrator, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves the loss caused by lack of core technology or limited production space; it can greatly create the profit margin.

Hardware and software combination; multi-industry solutions
A big stuff attracted lots of attention from visitors at the exhibition. It’s just the I-blackboard, which is an interactive system solution for education field. Using UCN’s latest nano-touch technology, it not only realizes flat touch appearance, but also concentrates functions of all transitional products on current education field. The I-blackboard opens a broad market on education and training field with its performance of high integration, high practicability, and convenience on upgrading. 
The Touch Mirror next to the blackboard was also a big highlight, which could switch freely from normal mirror to touch screen. With certain supporting software, it can widely be used in shopping malls, stores, exhibitions, smart home and so on.
In addition, Meeting Pad and other system integration products also appeared at the exhibition. Visitors experienced a wonderful future life with touch everywhere, and could feel wisdom and convenience brought by technological progress.

This exhibition in Japan was the second one that UCN participated in overseas. Till now, UCN has customers and agents in many countries and regions in Asia, America, Europe and Australia. Its products and service are highly accepted by global users. We persist in wisdom and convenience for people’s life with technical innovation, and we devote ourselves to bring more value for industry partners. Next, the products and programs from UCN will appear in more countries and regions. Let’s looking forward to more brilliance in the future!


UC Nano Invites You to FINETECH JAPAN, 5 Days Left Only

Exhibition nameFinetech Japan 2017
展示会名:第27回 ファインテック ジャパン
Exhibition timeApril 5-7, 2017
Booth number38-23
Exhibition LocationTokyo Big Sight, Japan, Hall East No. 2.
会場:東京ビッグサイト 東2ホール

Only 5 days left to the opening of FINETECHJAPAN 2017, this show plays an important role in the industrial development of touch panels and LED displays, and is expanding its size year by year. Around 1,000 exhibitors from Japan, Korea, China, EU and US show their faces to the touch panel lovers and business developers. Professional players will attend and meet in the show to look for mutual cooperation and discuss for future trend.

As a global leading nano touch component manufacturer, UC Nano presents its latest nano touch foil, OGS and interative hardwares during the show. UC Nano expecting your visit to Booth number38-23, Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, Hall East No. 2.

To bring the most advanced technology and perfect user experience to our visitors, UC Nano team is building an attractive booth with excellent design and is preparing the product presentation, interactive activities and secret gifts… All will be in UC Nano Booth.

Highlights in the UC Nano Booth

◆Global leading patented technology--- nano touch foil technology
◆High performance and cost-effective Smart Terminals
◆Multi-field solutions for Education and Commerce

Interesting Activities, Free Gifts

◆Scan UC Nano Twitter and Facebook ID, Free gifts
◆Visitor with invitation letter,  Free Mascot.
◆Secret Gift prepared, awaiting your kind visit.


UCN’S second Annual overseas show is coming, see you at FINETECH JAPAN 2017

Exhibition Name: FINETECH JAPAN 2017
Exhibition Date: April 5th-7th
Booth No.: 38-23
Location: Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 2

FINETECH JAPAN 2017 is coming soon; FINETECH JAPAN is the world's largest professional exhibition of flat panel and touch panel industry. At that time, manufacturers from the entire world will bring the latest technology and products to Tokyo. Most of the visitors are from R & D,Purchasing and Production department, some of them are designers working for FPD manufacturers.

Advance Noting

After the ISE show in Amsterdam this February, UCN will open the second Annual global show – FINETECH JAPAN 2017, which has been scheduled for April 5th – 7th in Tokyo, Japan. In Face of such a professional and strong industry exhibition with large scale, Can you guess what kind of "killer" production will UCN bring?

First of all, let’s take a glance of our wonderful booth made of solid wood.

Highlight NO.1

Core components of Nano touch and intelligent terminals

For booth design, UCN will continue the simple style with rich sense of science and technology,Combine with the eye-catching UCN brand, we will definitely show our international business style.

Nano-touch film is UCN’s unique technology with independent intellectual property rights, through continuous iterative optimization; it has been developed to the tenth generation. We have nearly 10,000 square meters production space with an annual output of millions of Nano-touch film, as the world's largest production base which has maximum capacity and the lowest cost.

In order to facilitate the majority of integrators to quickly integrate intelligent terminals, and avoid the capacity loss caused by lack of core technology or production space can’t meet the standards. With the company's independent research and development of SCA automatic vacuum thermal bonding technology, UCN has invented the OGS integrated touch Program.

We have already achieved a glass with dual role of a protective layer and touch sensor at the same time. We also meet the needs that make the large and medium size touch products much thinner and ensure the safety. In terms of cost, it is only one-third of the traditional capacitive screen.

Highlight NO.2

Solutions for Educationbusiness and other multi-industry

In the field of Nano-touch, UCN is the only enterprises with Nano-touch film patent, it is also one of few enterprises which have integrated R & D, hardware manufacturing, software development capabilities and providing a comprehensive professional solutions.

During the exhibition, UCN will show its’ education solutions and smart home program. “Last year, we participated in the DSE in US and Electronica Show in Germany; we also attended ISE show in the Netherlands early this year. Our technology and products are affirmed by industry users and integrators from around the world, we have established a long-term and stable cooperation with manufacturers from different countries and regions. With the global demand for Nano-touch products and the overall solution continue growing; UCN introduced a more superior and more abundant products and programs this year, so the industry will know more about Nano-technology in the field of interactive applications and trends in innovation, said UCN’s executor of this exhibition.”

Through the one-stop carefully arrangement, from core components to the intelligent terminal and then to the industry solutions, UCN will give the majority of the industry audience a gluttonous feast about touching. For more exciting information, please join us in Tokyo this April!


In addition to sakura, this important event cannot be missed in Tokyo!

Some people say that in April is the best season to go to Tokyo, because the wind off, fall under the cherry rain, this beautiful scenery not to be missed. And for the elite of global touch panel industry chain, there is a reason not to miss the April of Tokyo.

From April 5 to 7, 2017, the world's largest showcase flat panel display professional, touch panel industry exhibition --- FINETECH JAPAN 2017 will be held in Tokyo Big Sight. At that time, industry manufacturers from around the world will bring the latest technology and products gathered in Tokyo, appreciation exchange to discuss the development trend, seeking cooperation and win-win situation.

As the world's leading company of nano-touch equipments, UCN will show the latest touch foil, touch panel, intelligence terminal in FINETECH JAPAN 2017. You are sincerely invited to visit the East No. 2 of UCN.

◆the world's leading patented technology --- nano touch
◆high-performance & cost-effective intelligence terminal
◆education, business and other industry solutions

With exquisite layout from core components, to intelligence terminal, and then the industry solutions, UCN will bring an amazing show to all. We sincerely invite you to visit us at the show, and discuss further with cooperation! We will provide very professional training and warm reception from the whole sales team.

Exhibition name:Finetech Japan 2017
展示会名:第27回 ファインテック ジャパン
Exhibition time:April 5-7, 2017
Booth number:38-23
Exhibition Location:Tokyo Big Sight, Japan, Hall East No. 2.
会場:東京ビッグサイト 東2ホール


UCN large format touch panel was launched

With the coming of information age, touch screen has stepped into our lives. The demand for touch screen is growing and the requirement for size is larger. To meet the demand of growing demand for large format touch screen, UCN recently launched 55 and 65 inch OGS touch panel. 

UCN OGS applies advanced thermal bonding technology, to laminate the 3mm tempered glass and nano touch foil perfectly, accurate touch and safety. With strict international level testing and inspection, it comes to customers, for quick integration for end product and solution.

10th generation touch foil, more smooth and accurate touch experience

The 10th generation of touch foil, 4.0 industry automatic production, response time less than 4ms, calculation speed high to 200, accurate location and smooth writing experience.

Apply metal mesh technology and new chip solution

UCN OGS touch panel applies Metal Mesh technology and with good conductive property, realize large size breakthrough, with lower resistance and thinner conductive layer. It applies multi chip solution and provides high performance, high noise suppression technique, high performance solution for large touch screen devices.

Standard 10 touch points, upgrade to 20 touch points

UCN OGS touch panel applies nano touch technology, great advantage compared to traditional infrared, sound wave and capacitive, support standard 10 touch points, upgrade to 10 touch points, meet 99% use requirement for users.

Super tempered glass, full-scale safety protection

55 inch applies 3mm tempered glass, 65 inch applies 4mm tempered glass, support largest thickness 10mm, making the end product waterproof, dustproof, anti-hitting. The glass can be customized according to customer requirement.

No driver required, free to change the controller board
UCN OGS touch panel required no driver and suitable for all the main operation system, plug and play.

Nano coating, filter harmful light

Tempered glass with nano coating, high transmittance, ensure picture sharpness. Anti-glare treatment technology, filtering 80% harmful light, protecting user’s eyesight.

Multi applications, broad market prospect

 It integrates with various LED display, controller, widely used in all kinds of industries, smart education, business, financial, medical, transportation and so on.

Mass production, low cost control

UCN now has taken 95% market share of touch foil, with annual production 1 million pieces, is the world largest and lowest cost production base. OGS touch panel has realized mass production, 55 inch 300 pieces each day, 65 inch 200 pieces each day. UCN will launch more new product in the future.